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Related article: Date : Wed, January 26, 2011 16 50 0000 43rd From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 67 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk Lolitas Top First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, Lolitas Top and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is Lolitas Top the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 67 - art is his big foot in the the three younger boys were eager to escape the confines of cab had climbed carefully to avoid standing in puddle of piss on the floor. Alex and Brian n fully in the door of the cabin with Nigel and Tom, you can see behind all looking at what had happened Richard. Or rather, what was in love! " Come Lolitas Top here a second. " are the last, down, pushed and pulled Tom h. side Rapid eye of others. " What now ? " Tom was almost smiling. "You grass, you fuckin ' has good and due form " " I ' spose. "Said Art, the beating of his heart. N " did not know it was you lot, honest. " " You have said that we believe it anyway. Brian bitch almost crapped in my pants ! " After the point, Tom looked up, smiling. Never been to in the vicinity of Art, before studying his face in view of the upper lip Bumfluff and decimated many acne craters. Simon was right, that was a kind s face. If you ever had older brothers, Tom would have wanted to like Martin and art. " Uumm.. "Once the art seemed a little embarrassed and speechless, something easily picked up by Tom. inches away, Tom smiled again. Type immediate impulse was to take smile Tom as a signal, and extended his hand to surprise her by hugging Tom fixed. " I.. I just wanted to say we do not mean.. and " n " We all know that " With the legendary Butterfliesagain stirred deep in Tom replied quiet and casual as he could, quite surprised by what s Art. Even more surprising was the fact, he felt something hard art n came to him. You can control himself, he continued, "Oh, shit.. is dass... not your HHMM.. " " I willy ! Yer it is!" Exclaimed Tom is not able to control his emotion. " I wanted to feel for years! " Art took a deep breath, knowing that one of his many and varied bed fantasies, also just wanted to keep. Still smiling Tom forced himself more and more. A feeling of uneasiness in the last type that it was his personal space was invaded not only had to s been busy ! It was certainly close enough to smell her neck to see that clean ironed white shirt unbuttoned Toms, art began to look and feel a little worried. " Are you okay? " Tom asked softly, you see the change. " Yes, yes... oh, no, I'm not. Tom, we can not.. I'm older. " Whispered the T-typeom, ear when he saw the shoulder. At least the other guys were clowning Entertainment by Richard bathroom. Relax your grip, tried to re away, Tom stopped him. " I thought you said yer zip was broke ? " Tom whispered to force a hand in them. "Let me see ! " instinctively open hole, then slid his hand to s a grunt with the joy of discovering the sticky wet spot on the front of the n adorns type of underwear. Warm fingers gripped the thin cotton and began to push up down on the head of the leaky faucet. Type was not taken because shameless acts surprised by the young boy. What happened was not the guy who, though younger than the to be a fair game and most coveted, could some of these children also just feelings for him. His quick wit older couples masturbation stories marathons Simon under his fame had guaranteed second year many boys. Surprisingly, it was not spying for the normal eye his legendaryErections and even revered by some as a masturbatory paper Model! Tom, though Simon had become an involuntary and students despairing of their own relationships with Alex and increasingly confusing n Martin could not resist the opportunity. Simon Graphics descriptions of masturbation was clearly fraternal Tom, who was determined now delighted , a handful of hot cum way is to experience it for yourself. "Cor... beautiful cock!" Whispered Tom, "said Simon, is it! " " Simon WOT? WoT said!ShitOh, no! Tom... you are not allowed.. no.. oh n shit! "is art always restless, like Martin before him, suddenly is a tremendous sense of guilt or resist less remarkable progress children. " not fair. " "Do not you? " Tom whispered excitedly. "I bet you can masturbate in yer pants now!" "There is no bet bitch," Art replied honestly. If you cross under his belt legs, I would. "It's a damn sure! " " is greater than Mart !" Said Tom boldly. "Thick " " WOT! How do you know ? "Kind of know the answer already, but there was a string a along. " if you d last straw, " asked Tom. kind of non-response. I could not even for him was this is getting a lot of intimate and very fast too. in spite of wanting Tom, morally, he had to at least try him in the distance. Now I understood very well what Martin to go by was, before finally will admit that desperately attracted to younger boys. " WOT others? "Said Art " Well, WOT of them! Have more to do with the fatty acids in the swamp! " Tom said, smiling. Kind of look in the corner and saw the other three children even looking forward to seeing how Richard would have free the toilet. "Oh God! " Sighed art. He withdraws Toms charm. " What did you do for me.. oh shit.. I do not understand. Why are not older! " " Now you can get pants in front of me! "Said Tom kind of ignore murmur. His left hand was already through the hole in the smallpoxt was like the right to their s still kind of massage fully occupied with exhaust valve as fast as him. that Tom is masturbating through his own pocket a dramatic short film had an impact on the arts. It was what he could not see, that was the big change in the form is a voyeur and saw him masturbating in secret under the table. Reverse its earlier decision to defend Tom, went to him again and came to access around a handful of young firm buttocks. " Oh, shit.. ohh.. shit!" Such close contact had his own salary as an art found , when he began to tremble. "Oh no! Shit, not here! " " was quick to cum, even for art is a rarity and a further sign of Toms powerful influence. Over- arching the back hit his touch against her stuttering in shorts Tom, about to cum himself was so many times and in this day and no need to be before it exploded in your underwear. \\ \\ n "Art, WOT is fucked up now ? " Nigel had changed since the events fun iRichard cabinet n to search for images. Guessing that something was happening, he peeped after all Tom 's shoulder. You can respond, so he had to warn Tom fact Nigel now saw what was going on, art was bright red and the n lifted a finger to his lips. Nigel face twisted into a grim giant, and s had a thumb and index finger before returning to the maintenance interest in Richard, before Brian and Alex realized what was happening. After a 12 -year- old was seduced into shorts are now demonstrated that s is too embarrassing, even by the standards of floor is a kind of caught else who Nigel. With Tom still ongoing, has been n to him, tried desperately to write ready, the rest would certainly be looking for them to deal with all seconds. Tom finally shook loose physically separated. Tom continued to masturbate ejaculates, despite anger and looked for art admiration, not to say when it would be completely besotted by him. or n said anything, it was not necessary, since the attraction was mutual, but the moral may be incorrect. For species would be expected with raw emotions in relation to Tom, , until he could speak through properly with Nigel. That was his immediate problem that were much more tangible. From early in the morning seems to be going from bad to worse, there was a losing battle. the performance of his s was a disaster, even before seeing the school was significantly worse. After losing a safety pin, his pants were more or all but open, passed through the material stained dark gray seeds and saturated material of her underwear through n seen flying. Uniform Tom did not escape completely unscathed Lolitas Top either. If art n download monumental underpants had flooded, Tom could not help himself touch with him to run the front of his shorts with the mark kind of the seed. Suddenly from the other side of the toilet was a huge applause, Nigel, Alex andBrian gave when Richard appeared as that can be expected after a fall in the bathroom of the school " Please do not say anything, just so you do it again to see no \\ \\ n you? "said Art Tom pushing forward.. " Right, " only the piston to the starting point, I whispered to Tom: "No damn good.. please do not say anything to anyone.. " " we know that in doing something, we should not, "said Tom turn " so that you can not tell me and I will not say! " " whatever. "kind of let out a sigh of relief and turned to see Richard created right leg looked like it had soaked almost to of the knee. " WOT you do? " Said Nigel overlooking the pool of dirty water horrified now forming on the tile floor. "Fuck knows! " Grinned Richard. Kicking your shoe was a socks soaked, the dirtiest water ran out of the shoe. "Oh bleeding.. is hell.. It's fucking piss! " Alex did his best to laugh. Brian had also encouraged the view Richard Discomfort, he looked at Nigel, as if it were any form oracle to give up the persuasive words of human wisdom and magic class is not a problem. Or at least that's how Nigel had always appeared to him before. Trustworthy. Solid. ".. Well fuck me," said Nigel tries to contain laughter. Brian was very disappointed moves forward. So, maybe the big boys do not really know more than he did! " I love it! " Said Art quickly. They all laughed. If they knew that n really meant. "No... no... ohh..... fuck fuck fuck.. ! Looks shit I pants," said Richard in despair, seeing all the smiling faces and almost began to mourn. Both Nigel and art had been in similar situations, always the n own and do the same in the toilet! For the full sense of decimated by despair to cope with their parents and peers after school uniforms for different ejaculatory pleasures of the flesh was not an experience to recommend tany person o. " Do not fucking move rich, calm down ! " Said Nigel firmly back Taking a step back in the room. "It should be easy to take 'em off and fuckin ' wash ' em right? " " Wot! " Richard looked around with wide eyes. "No more. Not in front of you! " " Why, dirty pants, then? " Rather reckless asked Alex, not the n just had a great interest in brands of tires, but I was trying to return to their caught with their pants down own minutes before. " Fuck you ! " Richard said angrily, fearing the elimination of the pants after production about 30 minutes of pre-cum over- stimulated. with front and stuck to it and would laugh even more field when it was done. "Alex, fuckin ' enough is enough. " Nigel broke. "We Lolitas Top could have seen yer n pants down, but piss shit is totally covered with a shoe as what are you? " " I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. " Alex said quietly, knowing he had said something wrong and tends to be particularly embarrassing scolded by tThe placid Nigel. " Oh, okay, I'm a little fucking knackered. Unfortunately, Alex. I'm sorry. " Nigel smiled. "Now that you see is WOT, then time how long before the bell," was right as usual Nigel, Alex consults his Timex watch. " About ten minutes. " Lolitas Top " Fuck! " Said Richard. "WOT I do? " " Yo bitch ' I said," Nigel said firmly, "Take yer damn pants ` Lolitas Top em and give you a little in the sink. " \\ \\ n " But.. " Richard said, despite how they saw around was clear he did not want a hearing. " Tell you what, why not run away and leave us three? " Said The art of Alex suddenly realize what could be the problem. "It would be n in front of a room full of happy little bastard what would you do? " " No, yer law. " Muttered Alex sounded very disappointed with the lack shown. " I would not. " Brian said shyly, as if feeling a bit sad Alex s not always see what Richard Hahn and how it comparesMartins. " Then come, come. " Tom said with a smile on the way "And it is that many of you agreed not to say anything about the capture of many of us have done what ?" " promised 've fucked right? " said Nigel. "In this agreement, art, Richard? " " Yer promise and says nothing about me? " Richard looked worried, looked up from fiddling with the lock of his pants. " No, I can not spose. Can we ? " Alex saw Brian and Tom, who nodded in agreement n. " Yer, I promise. " Said Tom kind of eye catching, as it did. Tom smiled, confirmed that he had fulfilled his part of the deal too. " Well, they 're gone. " Said Nigel, Richard turned as the door slammed closed. "Ten minutes, so ' em off, is not something we do not s seen! " away and solve Richard leaves his dry footwear only, Nigel moved to the face art only a few inches away. " So do you have? " Nigel said quietly. He saw the huge march, gray and white panties looking very tempting package type. type closed her eyesd nodded, " I Lolitas Top could not help. Damn, now I wot was Mart. Nige am now well everything. I am, I not know. " " YER can I see. "said Nigel. It resists suddenly pushed fly through open type hand and ran his fingers the length of the art is difficult cock through his pants. Withdrawals from there, the seed fresh bright fingers. " Oh, shit. No! ' S kind of look very embarrassed and breathed Nigel watching every step. " Sorry... I could not resist... well you resist, that's the fuckin ' the truth, " said Nigel from licking his fingers. " It tastes so good! " " Oh, shit ! "The art of eating, Nigel wanted then and there, but I had only wanted Tom. Now there were some in poncing Richard Cummy underwear too! Too many choices n too confusing, with little time. Richard hangs over his pants around the pool. Two big ass wrapped in a well-known white ribbed cotton were little bayred tail white shirt that hung below the hem of a vest to match, all topped n with the brown jacket in the school. A vest " Fuck me," said Nigel has finally burst, eyes stems. "This is your damn vest! " N "WOT do I do now ?" Said Richard lame, apparently never washed with at nothing in his life. " there is nothing like you've never done before? " Art said, does not sound particularly interested in the problems of Richard. The reason was clearly inspired by by Nigel became interested in the vest as Richard, n it was ! Richard shook his head and looked blank. "No, my mom does it all. " ", I thought so. " Nigel muttered as he continued looking vest n. " Well, do a bit of hot water in the fucking pool with a little soap and yer ass pants and wash it sorta is," said art only the tail of the Richard jacket as he moved. ", but only a little wet for washing, not the whole fucking thing!" Added Nigel saw Richardto dive all the pants. " Otherwise the WOT that shit is going to take this afternoon! Then fight 'em out. Easy innit ? " " Oh, I see... " He said, looking sploshing hopelessly lost and water s everywhere. " Then you could wash yer socks and shoes. " Said Nigel. asked how incompetent type could be the boy! Maybe it was that he never had to wash semen stains all who do not want their parents to discover n. You may have a touch of semen stains on your clothes all n and beds. " yer see the mother, who has been through everything you masturbate? " Art said, fascinated. "How? " ", idiot?" Said French guy ! "Now yer clothes, pajamas, pants, and dass. Is forced to cum stain on something ? " " I.. I.... Umm is never thought of that !" Richard turned a bright red clay, "D "... you do not believe me, then mom noticed? " Nigel laughed depends" on it, no. If you make art that five f times a damn day, then the setuckin home " covered in this ! " kind thought it was time, before Richard had another panic attack and time was running out. "Come on mate, forget it. It's a joke, not " respect or attention. However, bleeding times so fucked Get to wash yer things. " " SPECT is right I ` no ' respect noticed anything. "Said Nigel pleasant, and his eyes fixed on the edge of the vest. " At the time of water 'em and leave ' em pants dripping over the edge of the basin, are seen here ! " obedience Richard hung his wet clothes by the pool and went to steps to address some of Nigel, nothing of the great prominence which was n ot contain his underwear and pants. \\ \\ n Type I knew that there is no cat in hell chance of drying and something like Nigel had a monster erection through the vest! " WOT should I do? " asked Richard. " Well, look rich, WOT came we had to have, you jerk ? "Nigel and reaches its f began to unbuttonly " And you have to believe that I n really needs a good fucking jerk ! " " Wot! " Richard was pale and seemed rooted to the ground. His " It's not the time. " " have fucked " We "" In what could have been a pincer movement orchestrated Nigel moved to buttons quickly pulled Richard Spencer shoulders, began as an art to be shirt. If it does open to reveal the unmistakable white set ribbed cotton vest Lyle u0026 Scott and matching pants. Nigel had seen anyone take one from their elementary school days, , breathing with difficulty, to review it. He was right, there were stains on the front of him in front of Richards written correspondence were urinating or cum? Arrival, he pressed hard on the vest and pants confirmed There was indeed something very difficult in some pretty wet panties hidden. " You are strong ! " Nigel smiled. " Damn, you have cum? Yer Pants is all sticky dammit! " Embarrassed incredibly Richard muttered something about precum n is desperately trying to trainVest to reveal itself as an art began to remove the shirt. Having stripped him, and was the vision of of Richard in just his underwear to play with her ​​white arms and legs on the screen almost Nigel had run on the spot! " I thought you wanted to masturbate ?" The movement in the art of killing " We will show that are sold and then we will see that right? " answer before that Richard had dropped his pants Nigel could reveal his s own dirty underwear with precum soaked and the head of the flight to escape his s magnificent organ of the elastic portion of the leg. Art, fights with the safety pin still others got it undone and fell his own pants bikini panties exposing dyed white, soaked before clear after ejaculation. " Da! " Art said with pride, and then laughed. "Sorry.. but I seem to have cum and " " until you go to take 'em or should I? " Nigel said quietly lifted the T Richard is also sentimental expose underwear. "Oh, shit, you dirty boy ! " "IHow OKS also cum. "The kind of smile pinched the end of the cock of her s, shuddered and more cum came out of cotton, which he did Richard did not answer, just shook his head and mumbled finally:.. " It only precum.. I do a lot ! " " It's as if after Nige ! " Art said with a smile. " Do the damn gal! " with two partners to explore the excited hands together and then pull Richards slip to their knees. Know therefore that the state was the partial nudity, which is the. \\ \\ n "Fuckin 'hell is hot! "Said Nigel. " He's on the road and wear pants that vest! " " Who would have thought that would be a big tail, and he has to. "He said looking kind. " Bet if it is getting bigger than me! " " Hell of a foreskin, a filling of large ` no blood, dass " Nigel was already smiles expectantly. After having seen what was art and Nigel Richard standing in the way of equipment now absolutely terrible the next bit. Why ever suggested that together. ", leaving you free tobelow. "Nigel said impatiently reach and Richards cock in his hand, he rolled the long end of the foreskin in his fingers to extract more precum as he did. Enter now completely through the jacket and matching pants was fascinated behind Richard saw his white body, almost white, the n material of his jacket ! Since the end of his cock viscose began wiping the drool Richards in pieces, the art began to rub his hands on his waistcoat, and n the nipples erect under. " Well fuck me ! "Suddenly he said Nigel, who had been carefully Study the contents of Richard underpants. " It is hard! The represents only four inches long.. Everything is fucked up foreskin ! Damn, that has been hull enough here for two ! " " Wot! No, no way! Biggun innit is a bitch! "Art is moving quickly to n a search. " Are you sure? Rub it up ! " Nigel looked incredulous. The aqueous phase of an eye four stubby Richards inches indignantly returned his gaze from the depths of his foreskin. Gentle,Nigel experienced fingers back the foreskin over the head of to show art. The group published a number of pre -ejaculate, but also n confirmed that there is indeed large enough to cover at least three inches n lang and Richard was only four ! N "No wonder it remains hidden in the bitch ' dressing room ! I bit brother Simon is bigger than that!" Said art without thinking, which s said. " WOT? Hey WOT that? " Surprised by what he heard Nigel seen art. "Oh, shit ! Way Ohfuck dumb shit saying shit WoT s that ? " " Oh, shit... I'm sorry, I did not say that.. oh shit! "Art was very n contrite. As always, he was telling the truth, but, understandably, to this case, was the last wanted to hear what Richard inhibited and desperately eager to join Nigel ejaculation in the class of n the afternoon before your small penis always concerned about the head of Richard. After thinking about all night was finalland the decision of , Nigel asked if the offer to masturbate with him, and up. Somehow he suspected it might be kind, including, but not object thought it might help make it less self-conscious. But the next step Nigel really really ask every ounce of courage with which to , knowing that he once asked, there would be no turning back. have as , finally asked him, and reinforced by a permanent erection, was in the morning waiting for instructions in a state of fear of viscous come dinnertime round. Then reality. As exciting as it seemed lost to find the boys n the second year and is in the bathroom, the dream of a short introduction to straw common with the way nice, and Nigel was shaken. Tensions sex was palpable in the bathroom when he experienced for himself, if view of the cabin, since then, anyone over excited and anything like planned. After a fall in the bathroom dirty and felt His gave a completeTonto and began to fear what would happen next. He also tried to wash their clothes quickly proved he could do s that easy, then the ultimate humiliation. About themselves are in a school bathroom dirty, with only his underwear naked said she had a cock the size of a 12 years old. was everything that went wrong. Bad, Lolitas Top very bad. Not surprisingly, after that the list of of disasters that had not done much to push it over the edge. Tears rolling down his cheeks. " Oh shit! Richard together yerself ! " Said Nigel standing. do any sexual activity was the menu, began to pull his pants to "Come on, or bell goes on a bloody minute. " " You can not. " He spoke and looked both very lonely. " Oh, sort of, stupid bastard, why the hell do you mean? " Nigel was clear angry. " For us, we will help you put the damn bell before coming. " In fact, it was a blunder of monumental proportions. Type appeared to be only hovered helplesslyor say, and seemed quite desperate own. With sex was definitely not in question, began his pulled his pants to note that no zipper, which would be nightmare of an afternoon. Fortunately, he saw a bent safety pin on the dirt floor and recover from temporarily moved to the Richard -help dressing. Suddenly, to the surprise of Nigel, he changed his mind and wrapped his arms around Richard apologized profusely to the tears as well. chatted quietly and hope to leave kind of peace, Nigel worked by examining wet trousers and shoes. There was little he could masses do except use the theme of the school, non-absorbent, the attempt to Izal to the doctor, bum toilet paper shredders, dry footwear. Lolitas Top his hands the disgusting smell of disinfectant finally gave in and turned art had come to see Richard and the repair was rebuttoning his shirt while watching a pair of red eyes. " Yer yer pants deal, Rich, " Nigel said apologetically and not have of them, " sorry, smell it, but it's the best I can do. " Richard smelled. " Thank you. " " I feel like I know he meant it. Ehrlich. "Said Nigel. " Oh, I know he did not. It is not true, right? "Said Richard smell over again. " But I have to say I know this is WOT so. That's why no never joined anything innit ? " " WOT can we do? I've fucked not today? "Said Art hesitantly: " I sorta make-up.. oh shit, I dunno. I'm using s a good day, everything was a damn bad, when I got ! " " WOT? " It never occurred to Richard that he was not the only one problems. " You are a little happier sound direction ? "Said Nigel, with the hope that both continue. N " Everything is broken fucking swamp things did not help. "Said Richard struggle to get his leg over the pant legs wet. " They will say anything to the children? " " No, they know better. "Nigel turned around and saw the kind face now n looking dejected as when Richard". itok I'm not making excuses for art and did not wot should have said. He is not even in the morning, was a hell of a bollocking from his mother ' because he has broken the zipper on the pants over and over... " " Nige, no.. shut up! Do not say fuck, please... No! " This time it was art it sounded desperate. " Do not make excuses for me. You should not said, that's all there is to do. had to " " However, his father led him Lolitas Top to the school. I will not apologize, I say. " " We both had a bad time for him? "Richard looked in the art. " ` Yes, I spose you have. Here is yer jacket. "Nigel thought it was. " We have not mean anything. It's just that everything was a bit over the top and silly, right? " " fool? It was damn stupid! "Art was Nigel. " And I was fucked stupid, always! " " Come to reassure art is fucked up now. Home 'n " This does not work," Art on the floor saw, " I have to go and still looks fucking n to me now ! " " We are extremely in the afternoon break. "said Nigel tries to sound is positive. " Well, that's for me. " Said Richard after a pause. "I can not change the cock s, and I can not go around hiding forever right? You forced me to face s now, I accept that I am? " "' Spose not to do well, but was it? "Nigel scratch the head. " Well, let's say anything, so nobody should know. " "But you... you.. " almost smiled Richard, " you would again, only you two! you seen and what I do with you. I. I "whore to. Will you? " "stupid bastard ! shit, you're a glutton for punishment! "Nigel slowly smiled. " At any time, at any time. However, you have to wear that jacket ! " " Yes, of course, but not here! "Art added. " I'm going to the right of this accursed place. " " So how Nigel asked yer pants know the bell before playing n would. "'Do not look too bad, because I really sorta dark gray. " " Well, I know they are wet and my shoes are wet fucking horrible, I just hope that, I am not required go too far into it! " " Nige would I pin, " asked oneRT was the safety pin bent. " Y help me clean up during the break, right? " "of course. " " No, wait a minute," interrupted Richard, "type please let me me do it. " " Why not. " said Art proceed. "Could be a bit chaotic spirit! " Richard was certainly not the fastest with the safety pin, and as Nigel any way, your fingers always find their way into the kind of touch viscous panties. When he smiled, came back home, yet another solid erection ! " I see you've started another, as good," said Nigel. Blush Richards looked at the bulge in his pants look. " Well, damn blush and get all shy because here's the trick. We Age does not learn our art? " Said Nigel, "WOT now has to that is,Yes, it's going to fuck hard and straw well when I have the house to say well, to go there, " a little confused Richard repeated," Yes, it is hard and I will have masturbating fucking good when I'm home! " " See.. that's probably what WOTgoing to do anyway, right? But em ', shows that do not give a shit who thinks and says WOT Meyer will be one you get as... HHMM... Oh well.. as ease of argument, then they can not see anything else needs to be kidding me laugh or n. Take D ' you get it? "face Richard broke into a smile. " WOT I think I see what you mean. " Nigel was about to conclude its homegrown simple philosophy, if the bell lesson began sounding as strong as restrict calls to for a few seconds and gave them the opportunity to collect their belongings. "so that if some smart lawn is in the mud and says, hey, you gotta be rich small tail, and all you have answered" ducked Nigel to pick your pocket, "is something like that Yeah, but I do not care, because my foreskin is so great I used as an umbrella! " Art of laughter broke out in him, however, but Richard was the simple logic. " let's get outta here. "Nigel since led the way in many respects others also. " WOT isthe term? The attack is better than the defense. That's it! Do you think that just leave you alone after that. or, better yet, you may wonder, have a quick straw with them! Do not want to is art? " " Yer. "Art was smiling. " Of course, ask anyone to masturbate with me! " ########################### ############# ######### ########## Chapter 68 to follow
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